List for $444

Use Amp Realty to list your home in the Cincinnati MLS for a low flat fee of $444 instead of paying the typical 6% real estate commission. PLUS our flat fee mls listing service gives your home full exposure on many other national real estate websites like

Offer a 3% commission to an agent who brings you a buyer. You get the same MLS listing in the same MLS for a low flat fee that less knowledgeable sellers get when they pay a Realtor 6%.

– 4 Out of 5 Homes are Sold Through the MLS, or Multiple Listing Service.
– 80% of Buyer Are Starting Their Home Search Over the Internet
– Over 75% of Buyers Use a Realtor When Searching for a Home

No Additional Listing Fees – No Junk Fees – No Hidden Charges – No Back End Listing Commissions! Just $444 to inform each and every Realtor that your property is for sale! List your single family home, condo, townhome, duplex, multi-family property, vacant land, farm, new construction or acreage online! The MLS is the most effective and powerful way to promote your property to the thousands of licensed Realtors who represent serious and qualified buyers. 

• List for up to 1 year on the MLS!
• Marketing exposure to thousands of  Realtors!
• National Exposure on
• Full service! We will schedule showings, show your property and negotiate contracts. No different than any traditional 6% listing brokerage!
• One low flat fee of $444 to list with no additional fees or hidden charges!
• Active on the local MLS within 24 hours!

Still Confused?

In a traditional real estate listing, a seller hires a real estate company to sell their home. Traditionally a broker charges the seller a commission. 

Let’s say for example you want to sell your home for $100,000 and the broker charges you 6%. When your property sells, you would have to pay the broker $6,000. 

If there is a selling broker involved, then that broker receives a split of the $6,000. It’s as simple as that. 

Now the savings! When you use Amp Realty’s Flat Fee MLS service you are paying us a flat fee of $444 to list your property in the Greater Cincinnati area. In doing so, you would then only be obligated to pay the commission split (remember it is only 1/2 of a normal commission) to the participating broker or agent who brings you a buyer. Your immediate savings is near 50% of a normal commission!