Mt. Adams

Mt. Adams is home to over 1500 residents and dozens of retail businesses. The area is known for it’s charm with narrow, winding streets, spectacular river and city views, a bustling commercial life and interesting examples of architectural styles including five buildings currently listed on the historic register.

The area was formerly known as Mt. Ida, after, legend has it, Ida Martin, a laundry woman who lived in one of the huge sycamore trees that formerly dotted the hillside. Its name changed to Mt. Adams in 1843, after John Quincy Adams traveled to the hill to dedicate what was then the world’s most powerful observatory.

The residential streets feature brightly painted Victorian homes planted between more modern, stucco dwellings and New Orleans-inspired residences. There’s a profusion of wrought iron gates keeping passer’s by from trespassing for the views to the rear of many homes, but often you can catch glimpses of the skyline beyond or of quaint, miniscule, urban gardens. In the spring and summer, many of the homes feature window boxes that decorate the streets with a dazzling array of color.




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